2007: Books Read


Arieh J. Kochavi: Prelude to Nuremburg: Allied War Crimes Policy and the Question of Punishment, 1998.
David Braund: Georgia in Antiquity: A History of Colchis and Transcaucasian Iberia, 550 BC-AD 562, 1994.
Wendell Steavenson: Stories I Stole, 2003.
Kitaro Nishida: An Inquiry into the Good, 1990 (1911).
William Dean Howells: Indian Summer, 1886.
Richard Hughes: A High Wind in Jamaica, 1928.
Edmund White: Forgetting Elena, 1973.
Nishitani Keiji: Nishida Kitaro, 1991 (1980, 1936-68).
Bryan Lee O’Malley: Scott Pilgrim, vols 1-3, 2004-2006.
Alifa Rifaat: Distant View of a Minaret and Other Stories, 1983 (?).
Lowell W. Barrington, ed: After Independence: Making and Protecting the Nation in Postcolonial and Postcommunist States, 2006.
Graham Greene: The Quiet American, 1955.
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza: Genes, Peoples, and Languages, 2000.
Patricia Highsmith: Strangers on a Train, 1951.
Sigmund Freud: Beyond the Pleasure Principle, 1961 (1920).
Graham Greene: The Honorary Consul, 1973.
Michael Pollan: The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, 2006.
Albert J. Ammerman and L. L. Cavalli-Sforza: The Neolithic Transition and the Genetics of Populations in Europe, 1984.
Graham Greene: The Power and the Glory, 1940
Tadeusz Swietochowski: Russian Azerbaijan 1905-1920: The Shaping of National Identity in a Muslim Community, 1985.


Patricia Highsmith: The Talented Mr Ripley, 1955.
Oliver Sacks: An Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales, 1994.
Karen Barkey: Bandits and Bureaucrats: The Ottoman Route to State Centralization, 1994.
Leland de la Durantaye: Style Is Matter: The Moral Art of Vladimir Nabokov, 2007.
Peter Kocan: The Treatment and The Cure, 1986 (1980-1983?).
Charlie Savage: Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy, 2007.
Roland R. Fieve: Bipolar II, 2006.
Bob Drogin: Curveball: Spies, Lies, and the Con Man Who Caused a War, 2007.
Marilynne Robinson: Gilead, 2004.
Rudi Paul Linder: Explorations in Ottoman Prehistory, 2007.
Graham Greene: The Heart of the Matter, 1948.
Peter Kocan: Fresh Fields, 2004.
Joseph Conrad: The Shadow-line, 1917.


Rebecca West: A Train of Powder, 1955.
Thomas Mann: Buddenbrooks, 1901.
Norman Sherry: Conrad’s Eastern World, 1966.
Italo Calvino: Marcovaldo; or, The Seasons in the City, 1983 (1963).
Gert Ledig: Stalin Front, 2004 (1955).
George Gissing: Will Warburton: A Romance of Real Life, 1985.
David Satter: Darkness at Dawn: The Rise of the Russian Criminal State, 2003.
Georges Simenon: The Engagement, 2007 (1933)
Paul S. Schmidtberger: Design Flaws of the Human Condition, 2007.
Federico Varese: Russian Mafia: Private Protection in a New Market Economy, 2005.
Graham Greene: A World of My Own: A Dream Diary, 1994.
Bernard Schweizer: Radicals on the Road: The Politics of English Travel Writing in the 1930s, 2001.
Rebecca West: Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia, 1941.
Halldor Laxness: World Light, 1969 (1937-1940).
Pete Jordan: Dishwasher: One Man’s Quest to Wash Dishes in All 50 States, 2007.


Meša Selimović: Death and the Dervish, 1996 (1966).
Knut Hamsun: Hunger, 1996 (1890).
Alan Booth: The Roads to Sata: A 2000-mile Walk Through Japan, 1985.
Joseph Conrad: Youth and Two Other Stories, 1902 (1898-1902).
Kenneth Fearing: Clark Gifford’s Body, 1942.
Iris Murdoch: The Good Apprentice, 1985.
Halldór Laxness: Under the Glacier, 1972 (1968).
Georgi Gospodinov: And Other Stories, 2007 (2001).
Len Platt: Joyce, Race, and Finnegans Wake, 2007.
Stefano Benni: Margherita Dolce Vita, 2006 (2005).
Wilkie Collins: A Rogue’s Life, 1856.
Georges Simenon: Dirty Snow, 1951 (1948).
Ernest Hemingway: In Our Time, 1925.
Johnny Cash with Patrick Carr: Cash: The Autobiography, 1997.


Sheridan Le Fanu: Madam Crowl’s Ghost and Other Stories, 1923 (1851-1872).
George Chauncey: Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World 1890-1940, 1994.
Jonathan Cohn: Sick: The Untold Story of America’s Health Care Crisis – and the People Who Pay the Price, 2007.
Halldór Laxness: Iceland’s Bell, 2003 (1943-1946).
Georges Simenon: Three Bedrooms in Manhattan, 2003 (1946).
Georges Simenon: Red Lights, 2006 (1955).
Koji Suzuki: Loop, 2005 (1998).
Banana Yoshimoto: Hardboiled and Hard Luck, 2005 (1999).
Koji Suzuki: Spiral, 2004 (1995).
Koji Suzuki: Ring, 2003 (1991).
Benjamin Tammuz: Minotaur 1981 (1980).
Georges Simenon: The Man Who Watched Trains Go By, 2005 (1938).
Georges Simenon: Monsieur Monde Vanishes, 2004 (1945).
Carlo Lucarelli: The Damned Season, 2007 (1991).
Carlo Lucarelli: Carte Blanche, 2006 (1990).


Massimo Carlotto: The Fugitive, 2007 (1995).
Graham Greene: Dr. Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party, 1980.
Donald S Lopez: Prisoners of Shangri-La: Tibetan Buddhism and the West , 1998.
Henry James: A London Life, 1988.
Graham Greene: The Comedians, 1966.
Ivo Andrić: The Days of the Consuls, 1992 (1945).
Massimo Carlotto: The Goodbye Kiss, 2006 (2003).
Joseph Conrad: A Set of Six, 1908.
George Orwell: Burmese Days, 1934.
Iris Murdoch: Under the Net, 1954.
William Shakespeare: Richard II, circa 1595.
Ivo Andrić: The Bridge on the Drina, 1977 (1945).
Kurt Vonnegut: Galápagos, 1985.
Banana Yoshimoto: Kitchen, 1993 (1988).
Haruki Murakami: Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, 2006 (1981-2005).

June – no record kept

May (incomplete)

Feroz Ahmad: The Making of Modern Turkey, 1993.
Iris Murdoch: The Bell, 1958.


Halldór Laxness: Independent People, an epic, 1946 (1934-1935). Trans J. A. Thompson.
Natsume Soseki: Kokoro, 1957 (1914). Trans Edwin McClellan.
Haruki Murakami: The Elephant Vanishes, stories, 1994 (1983-1990). Trans Alfred Birnbaum and Jay Rubin.
Jean Cocteau: La Machine infernale, 1934.
James Branch Cabell: Figures of Earth, A Comedy of Appearances, 1921.
Michael Tomasello: The Cultural Origins of Human Cognition, 1999.
Roman Dyboski: Seven Years in Russia and Siberia, 1914-1921, 1971 (1922). Trans Marian Moore Coleman.
Camera Laye: The Dark Child, 1954 (1953). Trans James Kirkup and Ernest Jones.
Kemal H. Carpat: Gecekondu: Rural Migration and Urbanization in Turkey, 1976.
Feroz Ahmad: The Turkish Experiment in Democracy 1950-1975, 1977.
Handan Nezir AkmeÅŸe: The Birth of Modern Turkey: The Ottoman Military and the March to World War 1, 2005.
Lorrie Moore: Self-Help, Stories, 1985.
Peter Ho Davies: The Ugliest House in the World, Stories, 1997.
Joseph Roth: Confession of a Murderer: Told in One Night, 1985 (1937). trans Desmond I. Vesey.
Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal: The Tragic Menagerie, 1999 (1907). trans Jane Costlow.
Moacyr Scliar: The Centaur in the Garden, 1984 (1980). Trans Margaret A. Neves.
Thomas T. Allsen: Culture and Conquest in Mongol Eurasia, 2001.


L. P. Hartley: The Go-Between, 1953.
Zayn ol-Abedin Maraghe’i: The Travel Diary of Ebrahim Beg, 2006 (1895-1902). Trans James D. Clark.
Henry James: The Awkward Age, 1899.
Thomas T. Allsen: Commodity and Exchange in the Mongol Empire: A Cultural History of Islamic Textiles, 1997.
Joseph Roth: Hotel Savoy, 2003 (1924). Trans. John Hoare.
Stefan Żeromski: The Faithful River , 1999 (1912). Trans Bill Johnston.
Thomas J. Otten: A Superficial Reading of Henry James: Preoccupations With the Material World, 2006.
Peter Ho Davies: Equal Love: Stories, 2000.
Donald L. Mull: Henry James’s “Sublime Economy”: Money as Symbolic Center in the Fiction, 1973.
Mary Roach: Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, 2003.
Firket Adaman and Murat Arsel, eds: Environmentalism in Turkey: Between Democracy and Development?, 2005.
Feroz Ahmad: The Young Turks: The Committee of Union and Progress in Turkish Politics, 1908-1914, 1969.
André Aciman: Out of Egypt: A Memoir, 1995.
Alexander Lernet-Holnia: The Resurrection of Maltravers, 1989 (1936). Trans Joachim Neugroschel.
A. C. Bradley: A Miscellany, 1929.


Thomas T. Allsen: Mongolian Imperialism: The Policies of the Grand Qan Möngke in China, Russia, and the Islamic Lands, 1251-1259, 1987.
Joseph Roth: Flight Without End, 1977 (1927). trans uncredited.
Rasul Gamzatov: My Daghestan, 1970 (1967). trans Julius Katzer from translation of Vladimir Soloukhin.
A. V. Golovnev and Gail Osherenko: Siberian Survival: The Nenets and Their Story, 1999.
Frans Eemil Sillanpää: The Maid Silja: The History of the Last Offshoot of an Old Family Tree, 1933 (1931). trans Alexander Matson.
R. B. Kershner: Joyce, Bakhtin, and Popular Literature: Chronicles of Disorder, 1989.
Christopher Howard: The Hidden Welfare State: Tax Expenditures and Social Policy in the United States, 1997.
Kurt Vonnegut: God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater; or, Pearls Before Swine, 1965.
Joseph Roth: Job: The Story of a Simple Man, 1931 (1930). Trans Dorothy Thompson.
A. C. Bradley: Oxford Lectures on Poetry, 1909.
Marilynne Robinson: Housekeeping, 1981.
Jean Cocteau: Opium: The Diary of His Cure, 1990 (1930). Trans Margaret Crosland.
François Truffaut: Hitchcock, 1985 (1967). With Alfred Hitchcock and Helen G. Scott.
Judy Fong Bates: Midnight at the Dragon Cafe, 2004.


Saul Bellow. Mr Sammler’s Planet.
Daniel Dombrowski. Rethinking the Ontological Argument: A Neoclassical Theistic Response.
John Hoffman. The Art & Science of Dumpster Diving.
A. C. Grayling. Descartes: The Life and Times of a Genius.
Marilynne Robinson. Gilead.
John Kenneth Galbraith. Name Dropping From FDR On.
Arto Paasilinna. The Year of the Hare.
Nadire Mater. Voices from the Front: Turkish Soldiers on the War with the Kurdish Guerrillas.
Ted Rall. Silk Road to Ruin: Is Central Asia the New Middle East?
Nick Adams. Making Friends With Black People.
Jane Austen. Persuasion.
Robert Graves. Hercules My Shipmate.
David Grene. Greek Political Theory: The Image of Man in Thucydides and Plato.

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