I’m thirty today. My last day at work is Friday, I’m leaving Portland in twenty-one days, our furniture and other possessions are steadily disappearing from our apartment. Scheduling final meetings with friends near and far. Sitting on the porch I can see the North Fork of the Shenandoah. The water just keeps coming and coming and I don’t know how. It doesn’t look like that much water, but if you consider how long a time it keeps up that steady rate, and how steady that rate really is, even considering the rises and falls in the level; it’s really something. A great deal of water goes through that channel. And then conversely: how although the river is proverbially never the same, continually self-altering, it stabilizes and anchors the life and landscape around it.

Got a couple blog posts I’m turning over in my head. Being away from home, my rhythms are a little confused, and I don’t think posting daily was working out for me anyway, good to have a chance to reconsider that. I’ve decided to repost all or most of my old posts from the (defunct) PF blog, so the archive should be looking fuller in the upcoming weeks. I’ve started it off with a few of what I had thought were old favorites of mine, until I read them. Not sure I recognize that person any more, and I certainly feel a little odd about being associated so closely with him. At any rate, here they are, if you remember them and want to read them again or you never knew me then and are curious: 22 October 2002, 3 November 2003, 1 June 2004, and 13 January 2005. Not sure I will be wanting to repost the comments on the posts: thoughts on that?

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  1. Those ARE good. The post about life on the Trans-Siberian is particularly good.

    As a fan of our bovine neighbors on the planet, however, I am troubled by your anti-cowism. But I’ll get over it.

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