Metric century

This afternoon, I’ll be riding a metric century, down around Salem. It’s a hundred kilometer ride. It shouldn’t be too hard, the course is pretty flat. I haven’t done a ride this long since before I was sick this winter, so I am nervous in spite of myself. But when I biked 100 miles before, I had only ever done forty, and my most recent long ride was about thirty, and I got through that last one all right. I’ve packed my Larabars and my butt’s all covered with chamois cream (which I really am not sure I need, but why not?). Anyhow, wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck!

    After 35 miles, I find that an aspirin or two are good to combat ass pain. And, you’ve officially made me decide to get my bike out today. It’s almost May for crying out loud.

  2. Data, everybody loves data.

    Miles traveled: 61.59
    Travel time: 3:52:44
    Avg mph: 15.87
    Avg mph 1st half: 16.90
    Max mph: 34.40

    I thought I could keep it above 16mph but all the traffic signals at the end in downtown Salem killed me. But still pretty good for me and my clunky commuter with all its weighty features (and the three books I brought along for emergencies, and my u-lock). My avg mph last time was 14.58. The lunch hurt me this time. Should have stayed away from the beef and stuck with fruit.

    It bugs me when I pass people on the uphill and they pass me coming down, when I’m pedaling as hard as I can and they’re just coasting. How do they do that? Their bikes certainly aren’t heavier than mine. Grumble grumble.

    Pain: Butt didn’t hurt, just fell asleep. Got a weakness in my right hip, but I can still climb stairs (one at a time).

  3. At speed, crouching is more helpful than pedalling downhill. Drag increases exponentially with velocity. Of course, that leaves out the whole being able to see the potholes thing.

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